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finially a real update ^_^

-ok so heres an update-

*seussical is over and done with now, i am assuming it went well because i didnt get to see it :( but oh well..


*there is a rumor going around that we may not have a fall play. this is because denault rented out the theatre during the end of oct. to a theatre company who is doing footloose. this could create a problem in stagecraft. i dont know how it is going to work or any of the solid details. some things to consider are-
*where are we going to build the homecoming float
*how stagecraft is going to work (are we building that set are we working around an existing one what)
*if we will have time for anything else for our own school to put on a production
once again i dont know exactly how thats going to work out but we shall see..


*theres another rumor that the wizard of oz auditions are going to be in the fall. i dont know why they are going to be in the fall, maybe its because we may not have a production then, i dont really know.


*the theatre is all clean now. moggio and mark and possibly a few others have cleaned it out and apparently you can see the floor of the back loft in the garage... impressive!


*who all signed up for stagecraft this year? i am wondering how many people we should recruit from link crew orientation...seeing as we shall be out a lot of techies this year (tear) i would like to get an idea of how many are still hangin around


i cant wait to see you all this year! i shall be seeing most of you within the next week or two due to band camp so yeah! woot woot holla!
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we are having a fall play ...its some murder mystery thing denault said
ok good..i was nervous for a minute there


September 17 2005, 00:34:08 UTC 12 years ago

fuck you guys you're fucking cunts